Important Notice

Dear ALL,

This update is to inform you that ODS DENTAL SURGERY(CAMDEN) is closed permanently.
All clinic commitments and patient follow-ups will thereafter be
transferred to:
Add: 242 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 437030
Tel: 63453125 / 63445315
Mobile: 87828912
Email: /

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at ODS DENTAL SURGERY(KATONG).
Thank you for all your support.

Your Oral Health Matters to Us

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About ODS Dental Surgery

We focus on the patient’s needs. By using the right tools, equipping our staff with the right techniques, and having the expertise to ensure success in Dental implant therapy.

Dental implants can be inserted into the minimal bone, in most instances, and new artificial teeth, usually made out of porcelain could be fixed over them. These dental implants could also be used to secure loose dentures, especially the lower denture.


“This is our unique patient-centric process”

We are driven to focus on the patients’ needs. We believe that access to dental health care should be affordable and in a patient-friendly environment.

By using the right tools and equipping our staff with the right techniques, Oliver Dental Surgery is proud to have served patients in the past 14 years by providing dental implants putting us at the forefront of dental experience, expertise, and knowledge.

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